Colecção de fotografias alemã online

The Digital Collection of Photographs from the historical collection of Prussian castles and gardens Online

The development of the collection of historical photographs of Prussian castles and gardens through digitalisation and stocktaking closes the final extensive gap in the photographical documentation of art works and architectural monuments in the region of Berlin–Brandenburg.

The ca. 20,000 photographs from the historical collection are to be digitalised and will thus be made systematically accessible to scientific research and to an interested public via an image database.

The collection is significant for its documentation of the structural and architectural state of buildings and gardens before and after the two world wars, as well as of situations before and after extensive restoration campaigns. Even photographs of Prussian castles and their inventory that have been lost are thoroughly documented in the collection, of which pictures of objects from the collections of the foundation that have been lost since World War II also constitute a part. In some cases these
photographs are the only remaining sources of reference of these works of art, which makes them indispensable for provenance and loss research.

Sabine Göttsche M.A. (
Dr. Bettina Giersberg (


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