International Journal of Intangible Heritage, III vol, 2008

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The International Journal of Intangible Heritage is an annual refereed academic and professional English language journal dedicated to the promotion of the understanding of all aspects of the intangible heritage of the world, and the communication of research and examples of good professional practice.


The First Voice in Heritage Conservation -Amareswar Galla

The Girinya Dance Theatre of the Tiv People of Nigeria: an Aesthetic Evaluation -Jacob Manase Agaku

Contextualising Intangible Cultural Heritage in Heritage Studies and Museology – Marilena Alivizatou

Cosmology: an Intangible Heritage Exhibition and Educational Programme at the Museum of Astronomy, Rio de Janeiro – Luiz Carlos Borges and Marilia Braz Botelho

Preserving Intangible Heritage in Japan: the Role of the Iemoto System -Voltaire Garces Cang

The Importance of Communities being able to Provide Venues for Folk Performances and the Effect: a Japanese Case Study – Kim Hyeonjeong

Beyond the Dance: a Look at Mbende (Jerusarema) Traditional Dance in Zimbabwe -Jesmael Mataga

The Internet as a Tool for Communicating Life Stories: a New Challenge for “Memory Institutions”? -Laura Solanilla

The Management of Knowledge of the Intangible Heritage in Connection with Traditional Craftmanship at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Oslo -Tom G. Svensson

Fact, Fiction and Nostalgia: An Assessment of Heritage Interpretation at Living Museums – Caroline Wilks and Catherine Kelly

Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Pacific: a Brief Report on Recent Progress at the Australian Museum – Paul Monaghan and Leslie Christidis

2 thoughts on “International Journal of Intangible Heritage, III vol, 2008

  1. francisco fontes

    quem não tem cão, caça com gato. Para quê promover o intangivel e inantigivel, se temos tantos museus e sítios maravilhosos para promover? Faz-me lembrar as gravuras do Foz-Côa que ao fim de 8 anos ninguém se lembra delas, mas os Jerónimos têm quantos mais? jà passaram de moda? Gastemos o dinheiro sábiamente.

    Francisco Fontes


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