Call for papers: "The Challenging Museum/Challenging the Museum


The theme statement for ICOM’s General Conference in Shanghai 7-12 Nov. 2010 invites examinations of how museums can contribute to processes that are important for the development of societies. In line with this, ICME/2010/Shanghai invites papers addressing


ICME invites discussions of approaches and experiences of how museums of cultures and societies address themes that are perceived as difficult, controversial, raising dilemmas, exploring delicate balances, like between the political/moral/publicity/professional/ethical/etc. considerations.

We are not looking for the unanimously successful stories, the easy ways. We’d rather debate cases with no clear conclusion, where our doubts and reflections are welcomed, but simple self-praise is not.

The topic will be followed up in the years after the ICME/2010 meeting through an ICME Work Group chaired by Per B. Rekdal.

Expressions of interest may be sent to ICME Chair Annette Fromm ( and and Per B. Rekdal ( Please mail us both since different spam filters have different and too often unfathomable prejudices.

ICME (the International Committee for Museums of Ethnography) is an international committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) devoted to ethnography (ethnology, anthropology, folk) museums focusing on local, national and international cultures. ICME is concerned with the challenges facing ethnographic museums and collections in a changing world. Details of the ICME conference will be forthcoming on the ICME web site http://icme.

ICOM General Conference information is available on

Per B. Rekdal
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Kulturhistorisk museum, Universitetet i Oslo/
Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
P.b. 6762 St. Olavs pl.
NO-0130 Oslo
Tel. (+47) 22 85 99 61
Fax (+47) 22 85 99 60

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  1. alexandre beites

    I believe that museums will, in this XXI century, achieve its main goal: communication with people, rather than communication by objects.

    But to grant such new status, an humble approach is needed, allowing the museum self evaluation according to people’s needs and expectations, and finally do democratic legitimation of the spent resources.

    Mechanisms to target quantitative and qualitative data will be the right tool to invest in, in order to develop a more sincere dialogue with the museum users and achieve a social forum within the museum, where the community is invited to construct new interpretations and new culture to their museum.


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