Arquivo de etiquetas: Digital Media Doctoral Fellow

Projecto tese: “Museums and Mobile Augmented Reality – the Visitor Experience in Digitally Enhanced Exhibits”

teses e dissertações

Marques, Diana (2013). Museums and Mobile Augmented Reality – the Visitor Experience in Digitally Enhanced Exhibits [títuto provisório]. Defesa da proposta de projecto de doutoramento em Media Digitais. Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade da Universidade do Porto. (Obs. A entrega e defesa da tese deverá acontecer no final de 2014/2015).

Orientadores: José Azevedo (FLUP), Robert Costello (Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

Júri da proposta: José Azevedo, Robert Costello, Pedro Casaleiro


“The main research goal driving the study is to contribute to the existing literature and knowledge on the use of mobile augmented reality technology to enhance visitor experiences within museum exhibits. Augmented Reality is a recent subject of curiosity and experimentation from the museum community and considered a tool for museum innovation, grounded in strong visual stimuli and promising an advanced natural interaction between visitors, collection objects and their data.

In particular the work will attempt to understand how digital augmentation of a Victorian-­‐age collection of skeletons in a natural history museum, regarded for its historical and biological value but no longer corresponding to modern visitors’ expectations for interactivity and interpretation, may facilitate engagement and satisfaction levels and influence conceptual and cognitive gains. This research study postulates that by combining the experiential and interpretive aspects of the exhibit experience through augmented reality, the visitor experience will be affected positively.”

Diana Marques (Digital Media Doctoral Fellow) trabalha há alguns anos em ilustração e animação científica. Acompanhe o trabalho dela aqui: