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e-conservation n.º 5, 2008

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First ARP Seminar: From Practice to Theory – Master and PhD Research
30-31 May 2008, Lisbon, Portugal
Review by Rui Bordalo

A Look into the Past. “North Oltenia, Monuments Founded by Boyars” Symposium
8-11 May 2008, Tismana, Romania
Review by Anca Dina

Announcements, Awards, Publications

Education of Restorers in Ladakh, India
South North Project in Germany between ASA and THF Participants
By Suzy Hesse

Upcoming Events
July to August 2008

Is Minimal Intervention a Valid Guiding Principle?
By María Rubio Redondo

Conservation of Historic Monuments
The Restoration of Tsas Soma Mosque, Leh, Ladakh, India
By André Alexander and Andreas Catanese

A Romanian Copy of an Italian Painting.
The case of Daniele da Volterra’s “Descent from the Cross” by Petre
Alexandrescu at Antim Monastery in Bucharest
By Oana and Dumitru Gorea

Conservation and Restoration of the Historic Furniture from the
“Laboratorio Chimico” of the University of Coimbra. Methodology and
Intervention Criteria
By Carlos José Abreu da Silva Costa

Spain: the European Lacuna / España: la laguna europea
By Christabel Blackman Patterson

Lucas Cranach the Elder: Painting Materials, Techniques and Workshop Practice.
Review by Rui Bordalo

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e-conservation n.º 4, 2008

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Conference Review
The Object in Transition: A Cross-Disciplinary Conference on the Preservation and Study of Modern and Contemporary Art
Organiser: The Getty Conservation Institute
24-26 January 2008, Los Angeles, California
Review by Christabel Blackman

Conference Review
Conservation-Restoration Workshop for the Artistic Components of Historic Monuments
Organiser: Romanian Ministry of Culture and Cults
20-21 March 2008, Bucharest, Romania
Review by Anca Dina

2008 Worksites
Conservation of the Mural Paintings from the Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel – “Mantuleasa”, by Simona Patrascu and Anca Nicolaescu

*Upcoming Events: April to June 2008

VARIM – A Useful System for Acquiring and Composing Images in Painting
Analysis Techniques, by Juan Torres, Alberto Posse, José Manuel Menéndez, Araceli Gabaldón,
Carmen Vega, Tomás Antelo, Marián del Egido & Miriam Bueso

Materials Used in Romanian Manuscripts from 15th to 19th century – Stereomicroscopy, by Mihai I. A. Lupu

Georges de Batz. The Mysterious Case of an Art Collector Extraordinary Found by Examination of a Painting, by Niccolo Caldararo

Survey and Drawing for a Conservation – Restoration Project. A Study for Genoa and Savona, by Giulia Pellegri

*Case Study
Saving the Materiality and Spirituality of a Living Church Mural Ensemble, Surpatele Monastery, 1706, by Anca Nicolaescu and Simona Patrascu

*Heritage in Danger
Emergency and Preventive Conservation of Abandoned Churches in Transylvania, by Peter Pal and Lorand Kiss

e-conservation n.º 3, 2008


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New Website
Cultural Heritage Conservation Events

Conference Review
I Heritage Conference, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
14-15 February 2008, Lisbon, Portugal

Upcoming Events

February – April 2008

John Asmus, from Lasers to Art Conservation

Conservation of Archeological Objects
Preservation and Conservation of Mummies and Sarcophagi
by Gian Luigi Nicola, Marco Nicola and Alessandro Nicola

Material Studies and Characterisation
Materials Used in the Chinese Textiles
from the National Museum of Art of Romania
by Ileana Cretu and Mihai I. A. Lupu

Case Study
Saving the Materiality and Spirituality of a Living Church Mural Ensemble, Surpatele Monastery, 1706
by Anca Nicolaescu and Simona Patrascu

Conservation Education in Portugal

Conservation Organisations in Europe
ARP – Professional Association of Conservators-Restorers of Portugalby André Varela Remígio

Modern Heritage Documentation for Conservation and Cultural Development
in the Mediterranean Region, an Interdisciplinary Approach and Postcolonial Perspective

by Annarita Lamberti

e_conservation, n.º 2, 2007


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2007 Worksites
Medieval Values Discovered at the Assumption Church, Cepari Village, Argeş, Romania (1752)
by Mihail Gabriel Bîrhală

Events Review
Lecture on Preventive Conservation of Contemporary Art
30 November 2007, Sintra, Portugal

Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development of Historical Cities in Asia
4-5 December 2007, Berlin, Germany
by André Alexander

Upcoming Events
December 2007 to February 2008

Cultural Project
The Sibiel Cultural Centre, Ecomuseum – Contemporary Art Gallery
by Ovidiu Daneş

Material Studies
An Alteration Phenomenon of Cinnabar Red Pigment in the Mural Paintings from Sucevita
by Ioan Istudor, Anca Dină, Geanina Roşu, Doina Şeclăman and Gheorghe Niculescu

Conservation of Contemporary Art
Reconstructing a 1972’s Neon Light Installation at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto
by Filipe Duarte

The Church of “The Beheading of St. John the Baptist” from Arbore – Previous Interventions from the Perspective of Derestoration
by Anca Dină and Oliviu Boldura

Conservation Organisations in Europe
Chamber of Restorers in Slovakia
by Barbara Davidson

The Crucifixes of Marginime
by Ovidiu Daneş

Documentation for Architecture Conservation:
La Villetta Cemetery in Parma, Italy (part 2)

Formal References in Funerary Architecture
by Maria Carmen Nuzzo

The Urban Planning of Parma Cemeterial System
by Silvia Ombellini

The Master Plan for the Safeguarding and Restoration of La Villetta
by Elisa Adorni

The Virtual Museum – The Memory of the Cemetery Heritage
by Simone Riccardi

Lost City, Resumed Architectures
a book by Michela Rossi,
reviewed by Federica Ottoni

LACONA VI Proceedings
(Laser in the Conservations of Artworks)
reviewed by Rui Bordalo


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INDEX – No. 1, October 2007

*News – 2007 Summer Worksites

*The Conservation of the Mural Paintings from the Assumption Church, Humor
Monastery, Romania
By Teodora Poiata and Rui Bordalo

*The Lamo Centre at the Munshi House, Leh, Ladakh
By Anca Nicolaescu

*Conference Review
Directions in Preventive Conservation,
26-29 September 2007, Sibiu, Romania

*Open Access
Introduction: Discussion of e-conservationline Poll Results

*Interview with Ioan Istudor
A Lifetime Dedicated to Conservation Science
By Anca Nicolaescu and Teodora Poiata

*Conservation Project
Leh Old Town – Conservation Project, Ladakh, Indian Himalayas
By André Alexander and Andreas Catanese

*Conservation of Paintings
Choosing Varnishes. In Between the Concept and the Reality Falls the Practicing
By Christabel Blackman

*Care of Collections
Creating Enclosures Using Microsoft Excel
By Shelagh Linklater

*Case Study
The Church of Sucevita Monastery – The Conservation of Mural Paintings
By Anca Dina

*Conservation Education in Belgium
By Rui Bordalo

Information and Knowledge. Management of Cultural Heritage
Case Studies from the Work of the Foundation for Information Society
By Lia Bassa

*Documentation for Architecture Conservation:
La Villetta Cemetery in Parma, Italy
Cemeteries as Heritage Monument
By Michela Rossi

*La Villetta, the Main Cemetery in Parma
By Michela Rossi

*A Cemetery Information System
By Cecilia Tedeschi

*Heritage in Danger
Introduction; Call for Papers

*Book Review
Introduction to the Preventive Conservation of Textiles
A book by Christos Karydis

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