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Prémios Muse 2011: abertas as candidaturas

Estão abertas as candidaturas para os prémios MUSE 2011. Podem ser submetidos projectos multimédia aplicados aos museus (desde quiosques multimédia interactivos, visitas audio e vídeo, instalações multimédia, sites e “web 2.0”). Qualquer museu pode concorrer. Veja em baixo mais detalhes sobre as candidaturas.

Announcing the 2011 AAM MUSE Awards
Recognizing outstanding achievement in museum media, the AAM Media and Technology Committee announces the 22nd annual Muse Awards competition. The MUSE Award competition recognizes excellence in media produced by or for museums. The 21st MUSE competition received almost 250 applications from institutions around the world, representing a 70% increase in participation. Categories of media include audio and video tours, interactive kiosks, multimedia installations, websites and ‘web 2.0’ formats. See the categories and criteria page for more information. We will accept online applications from museums and producers on the AAM Media and Technology Web site from Feb. 2, 2011 to March 1, 2011. The cost is $35 per entry.

Visit to enter your project.
If you have any questions, please contact us via and join us on Facebook to keep updated on MUSE and M&T events